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Programs at Hope Grows Child Development Center

Hope Grows Child Development Center has embraced the principles of progressive education. Our program nurtures children’s development, encourages respect for others and fosters students’ ability to observe, question, evaluate and make decisions.

At Hope Grows, our values address the world’s abiding need for compassion, community, responsibility and independent thought. We celebrate both individuality and diversity, cultivating understanding of various backgrounds and viewpoints. We design and foster generous time outdoors to engage students with the environment, reflecting our respect for the natural world.

Infant Program

Infant Program is built for babies on the move; bright mirrors, warm rugs sensory tables, great books and baskets filled with soft natural materials. There are musical instruments, toys for pretend play, safe equipment and outdoor space to enjoy.

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Toddler Program

Toddler Program is built for active and enthusiastic children to satisfy their natural curiosity. There are warm reading nooks, sensory tables and toys, great books, pretend play areas, bins filled with dress-up and exploratory materials, musical instruments and outdoor spaces to play and explore.

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Two’s Program

Two year old space is built for active, enthusiastic movers and shakers asserting their independence and challenging boundaries. This space is filled with bright sensory toys, clothes for dress-up and pretend play, musical instruments to explore and outdoor spaces to play and explore.

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Transition Preschool Program

A special program created to facilitate the transition from the two-year-old to the preschool program. The transition preschool curriculum is designed to encourage younger three-year-olds to develop a sense of self and independence through social experiences.

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Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-K space is built to enhance those newly found skills through fully stocked learning centers that promote exploration, discovery and creativity to display their independent emergent skills and learning styles.

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School Age Program

School age space is built for the children who are in the program before and after school will have the opportunity to do homework as well as enjoy a broad range of engaging hands-on activities that will allow them to develop their own interests and skills.

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Hope Grows

Before and After School Program

Hope Grows Child Development Center offers a Before and After School Program. Families requiring before and after-school care, the Lost Knife center opens at 7:00am and closes at 6:00pm. We take children to school and we pick children up from school.

Hope Grows

School Age Summer Camp at Hope Grows!

Hope Grows provides a safe, fun and nurturing environment for school agers to engage with their peers and teachers in a tailored school out learning experience for Summer Camp. Hope Grows provides a variety of activities on and off campus for students to explore the environment around them. Past field trips included Germantown Pool, Port Discovery, Luray Caverns, Cunningham Falls and so much more! Summer Camp Calendars will be displayed on our website and at our Centers in Spring of each year.